Can I Scrap an Abandoned Car

Abandoned cars can be a dangerous fixture on the side of the road, for a multitude of reasons, and to top it all off, can often be quite an eyesore if left for a long period of time. But what can you do if it’s not yours? While it might be tempting to just tow it away and get it scrapped and remove the problem for everyone, you’ll need to be cautious you’re not breaking the law yourself. Scrap Car Comparison is here to guide you through everything you might need to know about scrapping an abandoned car.

If you’ve got a knackered old car that you’ve been tempted to just walk away from and never see again, then why not resist that urge a little bit longer and get yourself some money instead? We don’t care how badly damaged your car is, we’ll happily take it away from you and provide you with the very best price possible for it. All you need to do is pick up the phone or use our instant quote generator and we’ll tell you just how much it could be worth. Better yet, we’ll even come and collect it for free, wherever you are.

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Can I remove a car that’s not in my name?

If you’re looking to remove an abandoned car, or maybe even scrap it all together, but it isn’t in your name, then things are going to be a little bit trickier than if the car was yours. In order for you to be able to arrange for a car to be scrapped when it’s not in your name, then you’ll need to have some sort of proof for the collection agent that you’re allowed to make these decisions. This is usually a V5C logbook that’s already been filled out by the owner of the car, or if this isn’t possible, a letter signed by the previous owner stating that you’ve been given permission to carry out the scrapping process. 

However, that’s still not everything you need, as you’ll need to provide a photo ID of the previous owner, otherwise there is no proof that the car hasn’t been stolen and is being scrapped to hide the evidence. If the previous owner of the car is a family member who has sadly passed away, then you may also need to provide a copy of the death certificate and, if selling the car, you’ll need to fill out the relevant sections of the V5C and send them, along with details of your relationship to the deceased, to the DVLA’s Sensitive Casework team.

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What do I do if my car breaks down while out on the road?

If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your car finally expires, it can feel incredibly tempting to just get out, walk away and leave the lifeless lump at the side of the road, but you’ll want to think twice before you abandon it. Doing so could land you in hot water with the authorities, so if you are thinking of leaving your car stranded at the side of the road, it should only be for a short amount of time before you arrange for a more permanent removal method.

If you need to scrap an abandoned car and have the paperwork in place which allows you to do so, then Scrap Car Comparison will find you the very best price in a matter of moments. With certified buyers specialising in both scrap and salvage and collection agents in operation all over the country, you’re never too far away from our service and the very best price for your car. Get started today and you’ll be given your best price in as little as 60 seconds.

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