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Sell My Damaged Car With Scrap Car Comparison.

We don’t just compare prices for vehicles which are destined to be crushed. We have a large database of trusted damaged car buyers who will purchase any vehicle, regardless of condition. These salvage buyers are able to offer much higher prices than scrap car collectors and also collect free of charge.

You may have had an accident and want to sell a crash damaged car or just have a list of expensive mot failures. Whatever the reason, we can put you in touch with a suitable buyer. Many other companies fail to see the value in salvage but our ATF?s and specialist buyers have years of experience and can always see value in your unwanted car.

What Salvage Information Do We Need?

Please provide us with as much information on the vehicle as possible. In order to work out an accurate price we need a clear picture of any faults with the car. This includes mileage, mechanical condition, MOT, road tax and known faults of any kind. Once our buyers have analysed this information they will send us quotes and we can help arrange the collection of you car.

Crash Damage And Category Insurance Write Off Cars.

If you have a road traffic accident you may well find that the insurance company classifies your vehicle as a “write off”. In this event your car will be put into a category dependant on the severity of the damage.:

Category A: This is fairly extreme situation which often includes vehicles which are totally burnt out meaning that there are no salvageable parts.

Category B: In this instance the shell should be crushed and the vehicle should never go back onto the public roads.

Category C: This is perhaps the most common, and is assigned to cars which have been deemed uneconomical to repair by the insurers. Typically if the repair costs reach 70% of the value of the vehicle then the car will be written off. These cars can be put back onto the road but need to have a VIC check first.

Category D: This is often mild damage but the insurer has decided not to go ahead with the repairs.

Category F: This is for fire damage where the insurance company has decided not to carry out any repairs.

To find out more about insurance categorisation and how you get the best price for your your write off please visit our insurance write off page

For a great quote on your damaged vehicle please fill out the online form above or call one of our telephone representatives and let us find a suitable buyer.