The Dangers Of Brits Turning A Blind Eye To Repairs

… and you’d do well to avoid a male Scottish driver!


BRITISH drivers are facing a game of Russian roulette with other road users and the police after one in five admit to driving unroadworthy cars because they can’t afford the repair bills.

New research provided by warranty provider motoreasy surveyed 2000 drivers and found that nearly 25 per cent of the under 55s don’t have the money to pay for the repairs. The figure slightly drops to 16% for those aged 55 and over.

The average UK based motorist spends £695 every year taking good care of their beloved motor but compared to other countries, that’s a whopping 12% extra from their pay packets leaving many who simply can’t afford to keep their vehicles roadworthy.

Motorists in the North West and the midlands were classed as the most roadworthy but those that were most prone to avoiding repairs because of the cost hailed from Scotland.

The survey also showed that men are more likely to avoid or put off repair bills to that of the opposite sex with many men admitting they ignore dashboard warning lights and minor knocking noises which generally lead into larger issues resulting in bigger long term costs.

New research has shown costly repair bills is a major factor leading to more and more Brits opting to finance new cars than ever before., who provide scrap and salvage quotes for UK residents’ said enquiries are rising month on month. A spokesperson said, “We’ve seen a big ongoing increase with people looking to scrap or sell their old car and putting the money towards a deposit on finance of a new vehicle. Our figures state one in three cars we deal with for our buyers contain one or two serious faults that make the vehicle completely unsafe for the roads.

“People generally think they will only get scrap value but we provide salvage quotes too which could leave you with anything up to a few thousand pounds in your pocket. With all the incoming diesel changes many people are coming to us ditching their diesel motor for a new car.”

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