The Future of Cars (Part Six) – Driver Monitoring

The Future of Cars (Part Six) – Driver Monitoring

Each time you get into your car it doesn’t actually know anything about you. You have the key, insert it and off you go. A new advancement in technology is currently being researched as we, the human drivers, are the fleshy part of our cars that do make errors and can be the cause of most accidents. Whether we are simply tired, have a stroke, heart attack or even trying to drink and drive, these are just a few things that can decrease our driving ability.

Technology is being developed to monitor important vitals of the driver, facial recognition, their eye movements, heart rate and even brain activity will allow your car to detect a number of situations in case you do have a heart attack or fall asleep. A medical school in Japan are testing electrocardiograph sensors built into steering wheels which can detect initial signs that the driver may be having a heart attack.

Nissan are also researching into the technology that would finally detect drivers that have been drinking alcohol by measuring the amount of alcohol in your sweat through the gear knob. They would couple this with the car’s navigation system to sound an alarm when unusual driving is detected like veering across lanes. There may also be a ‘sniff’ sensor which could stop you from driving if you enter it with a stench of alcohol.

Audi are working on face recognition will also be working to ensure you keep your eyes on the road. If you are not looking straight ahead the car may slow down and alert you with an alarm in another attempt to prevent any potential accident.

Luckily all of these technologies are not going to be sprung upon us all at once so we will probably have time to get used to them one at a time! Have you heard about any other technological advancement for cars? Get in touch and let us know by emailing us at

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