What is a Category C write off?

A category C write off / repaired vehicle means that a vehicle has been heavily damaged and the insurance company involved decided not to repair the vehicle due to the cost of the repair being greater than the value of the vehicle. However unlike category A or B damage, category C means the inspecting engineer considered the vehicle as repairable. The damage for a category C vehicle can vary but the damage is never structural. This category also covers cars that may have been submerged in water up to the floor level.

How To Sell a Category C vehicle?

You must advertise your vehicle as being category C and provide accurate information on the vehicles history. Even though a quick history check would bring up that the vehicle is a category C, it is against the law to leave it up to the buyer to find out whether the vehicle has previously been a write off.

The vehicle should be inspected after the repair to ensure it is roadworthy.