Scrap Car Comparison Explains How Steel is Recycled

Scrap Car Comparison Explains How Steel is Recycled

Recycling is a very important topic to Scrap Car Comparison. We try to do our bit for the environment by helping customers find the right car buyer who will dispose of the vehicle properly and also get a great price in return, because when cars are recycled properly it helps keep the car economy turning over and saves less waste.

Have you ever wondered how steel is recycled and the processes it has to go through? Unlike plastics which have to be recycled into a lower grade of plastic, steel can be re-used without any problems with the quality. The recycling process goes through four simple steps before it is ready for re-use again. See below how this process is carried out:

Step 1 – Magnetic Separation

Firstly, steel is generally magnetic and can be separated from other recyclable materials like plastics etc. After the scarp car has been crushed the steel is separated using a large magnet this separates the steel from everything else.

Step 2 – Detinning

This process attempts to remove the layer of tin which most cars have over them. This is also similar to the process of detinning tin cans. It’s the same principles just slightly different in the preparation phrase.

Step 3 – Melting

Once the steel has been properly separated it is placed into a furnace to get melted down. It is then poured into casters and then rolled into new steel flat sheets.

Step 4 – New Product

Once the steel has been formed into sheets it can then be used for anything from cars to construction materials. This process can be repeated over and over again without losing its strength. The video illustrates the whole process from start to finish and gives you a better idea why Scrap Car Comparison believes strongly in recycling materials and doing it properly for a greener future.

Thanks again for reading our blog if you have any questions about this topic or anything else to do with recycling please add a comment and we will try and get back to you as soon as we can.


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