provides a fast and effective means of comparing the market to ensure that you get the best car scrap value when it comes to disposing of your vehicle. So how do you put a value on an unwanted car, van or motorcycle I hear you ask? Easy, it all depends on the combined metal value of the vehicle including it’s chassis, engine and other components. Put simply the larger your vehicle the more money it will be worth in terms of scrap. Ultimately the prices available to you will depend on the prevailing scrap metal value per tonne, however, each collector will have their own budget and some will pay more than others if they feel they can turn a profit from recycling your car. That is where we come in! Our position within the industry allows us to gather prices from the leading authorised treatment facilities across the whole of the UK which means that all you have to do is enter your details and await the best vehicle scrap value.

By comparing car scrap rates online you can save time ringing around the houses and speaking with rude and unhelpful wheeler dealers. With our online car scrap value you simply fill out the online form detailing all the required information about your car, van or motorcycle along with your collection address and contact details and then let us do the rest. Our system will scan the market for the most competitive price with just one click. What’s more, unlike most online only comparison websites, our office is manned around the clock by human beings! Meaning that you will receive the support and aftersales care that you deserve and expect from a respected company.

How does the process work? Once you have filled out the online forms usually you will receive the best prices within a few minutes. You will always receive a call from a member of staff to ensure that you have. If there are any issues that have prevented you from obtaining accurate prices online, our helpful staff will be please to assist in providing all the right details. As soon as you are happy with the value for your old motor, we team will get you booked in for collection with the highest bidder. At this point a nominated collector, chosen from our database of Authorised Treatment Facilities, will be instructed to contact you, using the details you have provided, and book a convenient time with you that they can come and collect your vehicle. They will pay you cash on collection, complete all required DVLA paperwork, provide a receipt for the transaction and recover the vehicle. All you need to do is sign the paperwork and count your money!

So what are you waiting for? Try today to realise the true value for your car scrap. Our website does the hard work so that you don’t have to!

“Great concept and friendly on the phone. Offered much more than my local scrap yard”

4 star rating

Oliver Burges

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