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Cars to make dads look like superheroes

… you could pick yourself up a Batmobile for as little as £73,000 Every child wants their dad to be a superhero these days – be it Superman or Batman. But just like Batman, you feel an overwhelming need to protect those close to you and your children from the bad things in life. Obviously you’re not out and about fighting bad guys like the big man; you’re wiping your children’s faces and trying to… Click Here To Read More


Donate A Percentage Of Your Cars Value To The Fire Fighters Charity

Over the past couple of months, the news footage on our televisions and in our newspapers has been nothing short of horrendous. The tragic events of Westminster, Manchester and Borough Market were followed by the disaster of Grenfell Tower in Kensington. Our emergency services have been up against and the images of the fire fighters after battling 12 hour shifts in solid heat has once again highlighted the selfless dedication and bravery of the fire… Click Here To Read More

Mot photo

When is a valid MOT not a valid MOT – that is the question?

  BRITISH drivers are being stung by the police – for taking an early MOT! Thousands of drivers up and down the UK are being hit with fines after failing an MOT – despite having a current valid MOT test certificate – as a failed footprint is recorded on the national database leaving you vulnerable to traffic police and prosecution. Many drivers put their car in for an MOT early to find out if any… Click Here To Read More


Cheating husband’s luxury motor gets hammered

Affair hits husband’s pride and joy as he loses his expensive car Infidelity is never okay, but here’s one rule of thumb: If you own a luxury car, don’t cheat on your wife. If losing your marriage isn’t enough to hurt you, maybe losing your £140K pride of joy will be! The owner of this expensive luxury motor clearly did not know what he was getting himself into when he decided to have an affair…. Click Here To Read More


Brits turning a blind eye to repairs leaving our roads a deathtrap

… and you’d do well to avoid a male Scottish driver! BRITISH drivers are facing a game of Russian roulette with other road users and the police after one in five admit to driving unroadworthy cars because they can’t afford the repair bills. New research provided by warranty provider motoreasy surveyed 2000 drivers and found that nearly 25 per cent of the under 55s don’t have the money to pay for the repairs. The figure… Click Here To Read More


Scrap my car… and my leg!

The weird and wonderful items left behind in cars CONSIDERING how many people buy and sell cars on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that some pretty bizarre stuff is left behind in a glove compartment or the boot of a vehicle. In fact, the strange items left in a vehicle provide a constant source of entertainment for the employees of one car comparison site. Some of the most wonderfully weird left behind items that… Click Here To Read More


Death of you, your car or the city centre? You decide…

Diesel drivers could face a bill of nearly five thousand pounds to get to work THE BRITISH MOTORIST is facing a dilemma this October which could result in the loss of thousands of pounds in a knock-on effect. A diesel motorist will be hit by a STAGGERING near FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS increase to their driving costs thanks to the upcoming diesel tax if they work or visit an affected city centre on a daily basis… Click Here To Read More


Is it time for the scrap heap?

With the Government rolling out its new toxin tax on old diesel cars this month, many drivers will be considering investing in new cars and ditching their old bangers. Along with millions of older cars needing their annual check-up this year, many cars will be facing a repair cost greater than the value of the car. More than one car in three fails its MOT test, according to DVSA figures, and that can result in… Click Here To Read More


Donate A Percentage Of Your Cars Value To Canine Partners

  Canine Partners is a UK charity that transforms the lives of those who live with disabilities by training amazing assistance dogs. These dogs allow people living with disabilities across the country to enjoy a greater quality of life and more independence in their day to day lives.   Donate A Car To Support Canine Partners Whether you have an unwanted car gathering dust, or whether it’s accident damaged or non running, your vehicle could… Click Here To Read More


Donate A Percentage Of Your Cars Value To Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True bring joy to children and young people with serious and life-limiting conditions Their mission is to enrich the lives of children and young people with serious and life-limiting conditions aged between 2 and 21 years old. By choosing to support Dreams Come True by donating the full or partial value of your scrap vehicle you’ll be helping fulfil dreams of children and young people as well as offering an amazing and memorable experience for their… Click Here To Read More