Am I Allowed To Sell A Cat C Car?

Am I Allowed To Sell A Cat C Car?

A Cat C (or category C) car is a vehicle that has been heavily damaged and previously written off by an insurance company who decided not to repair the vehicle. In most cases this is usually from some kind of accident or collision. However Cat C cars can still legally be put back onto the road if it has been repaired properly and has had a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC).

You can sell a Cat C car, as long as you have informed the buyer that it is a Cat C vehicle, even though it will come up in the HPi check – you do still need to state this to the potential buyer. If you do not state this and the buyer finds out on viewing the car or after buying it, it is illegal and they will not be happy! Also it will need to have been properly repaired and officially declared as roadworthy. The vehicle will also need to pass a VOSA Vehicle Identification Check (VIC) which confirms that the vehicle identity is in fact the same car that was previously a write off and not a stolen vehicle, but this doesn’t confirm the car is safe to drive or if the repair has been carried out to a high standard.

If you have followed all of these rules and ready to sell your car, you should also be aware that Cat C vehicles are not worth as much so it is difficult to sell the vehicle without reducing the price. Many people in the used car market will not be interested in a Cat C vehicle.

Some buyers may ask for proof of a high quality repair being undertaken to ensure the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. Unfortunately there is not an official test for this as an MOT only confirms it is roadworthy (but cannot guarantee the safety of an extensively damaged repair) so the buyer may want an independent report using the AA or the RAC.

However We Can Help!

If you are selling your car for scrap then you do not need to do all this, but you will still need to inform the buyer that the vehicle is Cat C. (They are likely to ask you anyway!)

In many cases it is easier to simply scrap the vehicle rather than have it repaired so find a quote for your Cat C vehicle with ScrapCarComparison so that you can make a more educated decision before deciding what to do next with your written off vehicle.

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