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If you’re looking for the best price for your scrap car in Nottingham, look no further than Scrap Car Comparison. Our completely free comparison service allows you to compare deals from over 100 scrap yards around the UK.

Once you’ve chosen your scrap yard, we’ll arrange to come and collect your car from Derby for free. So, whether you’re based in Allenton, Chaddesden, Sunny Hill, Litchurch, Mackworth, Oakwood, or anywhere else in Derby and the surrounding area, you’ll be able to access the best possible deal.

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broken and damaged car collectionWhere to scrap my car in Derby

Map of Derby Scrap Car Collection AreasCollecting from Derby and throughout the UK

Having built up a network of over 100 approved scrap yards and salvage buyers, we’ll help you get the most out of your scrap or damaged vehicle. If you are looking to scrap your car or van in Derby, you’re in the right place as we can collect your vehicle from any location.

Simply enter your registration number and postcode and we’ll compare buyers to provide you with the best possible deals for your damaged or end of life car. With guaranteed prices and no hidden fees, we offer free collection from any location at a time convenient for you.

damaged vehicles collectedScrap car collection in Derby

All of our buyers are extremely professional and fully vetted, so you can be sure you are receiving the very best service. Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with reliable and trustworthy buyers who allow us to provide 5-star service at all times.

If you are looking to scrap your vehicle in Derby, enter your details into our easy comparison tool today to receive instant offers. You will receive all the official documentation need and our friendly team will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have.

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A number of our customers in Derby really liked the money aspect of the process. From the guaranteed quote through to the money in the bank. We give our customers the best prices available, what’s not to like!

Customer A got the money, confirmed with this short and to the point review.

“Done exactly as they said and I got the money quickly”

Customer B – comments on how easy the process was.

“Company were reliable from the start. The money was paid into my account straight away. It’s a shame the rest of my life is not this easy!”

Derby scrap car collection

Scrappage FAQsScrappage FAQs

Where can I scrap my car in Derby?

We work with a number of local scrap car providers around Derby. Just fill out our form below. We’ll send you the best quotes in and around Derby. Then pick the best quote for you and arrange a pick-up around your schedule.

Can you pick up my scrap car in Derby?

Absolutely. We have a network of scrap car dealers in Derby who routinely collect cars to be scrapped, so you don’t need to worry about taking the car anywhere for quotes. We cover the whole UK too, so even if you’re in Brailsford, Kilburn, Findern, and Etwall, we’ll pick up your car for you. You won’t even need to leave your house.

Can you collect salvage cars?

Yes. We collect salvage cars. Sometimes cars written off by an insurer, you’ll often get a better deal for salvage rather than scrap. Make sure you read our full guide on salvage cars here and find out which salvage category your car could be in and what that means.

What’s the process when I scrap my car in Derby?

Over the year we’ve made the process for car scrappage around the local area quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before. Just send us your details and the information on your car, and we’ll get back to you with the most competitive quotes from local providers. Choose a provider and make arrangements with them to collect – simple!

Do I need to take my car to a scrap yard in Derby?

Getting your car scrapped in Derby used to take a lot of time and driving around. You’d have to drive your car to a dealer, get a price, and either accept their offer or drive to another dealer for a quote. All you need to do now is fill in your details below, we’ll offer you a quote for your scrap car back from our dealers in Derby. You just need to pick the best one and they’ll pick it up for you. Easy!

Getting paid for your damaged vehicleOther locations near me

Our most popular Derby scrap car collection areas include Chaddesden, Allenton, Littleover, Oakwood, Alvaston and Sunny Hill.

Our wide range of local collectors are ready to pick your vehicle up and take it away – simple and easy! Contact us for a quick, hassle free collection anywhere in the UK. Here are some of our larger collection areas.

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