Some Of The Strange Things Our Buyers Have Found


The weird and wonderful items left behind in cars

Considering how many cars are bought and sold on a daily basis you’d think that people would think to clear the items before parting with their keys. But, surprisingly, many people don’t and as a result some pretty bizarre stuff has been found in vehicles hiding away in glove compartments and boots of vehicles. So much so that it has provided many a laugh in the office when our buyers report back with some of the items which they have found when collecting vehicles!

Some of the most common items our buyers have found include: sat navs, children’s car seats and gloves. But some of the more weird and wonderful items which were left behind for our buyers to discover include:

  • Bags of banknotes
  • A prosthetic leg.
  • Adult toys.
  • A model village
  • A severed leg kept in a black plastic bag.
    (Luckily it turned out to be artificial!).
  • And, possibly the most bizarre: a framed photo of a person dressed in a full-length, multi-coloured woolen suit taking a shower!

Each of these items were rightfully returned to the original owners, to the occasional bout of embarrassment, but if you want to avoid misplacing some personal items, be sure to check those nooks and crannies before selling your vehicle!   


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