Kickstarter For Cars: Car Diagnostic Kickstarters

In our series on car Kickstarter* campaigns we’ll show you some of the projects that have been either funded by the public or are looking for the funding to shape the future of driving. In our second post of the series we help you to take a look under the hood of your vehicle with some kickstarters dedicated to car diagnostics!


Car Diagnosis Kickstarter - Awaken

Funded in: May 2016.
Funding Goal: $10,000
Funding Achieved: $15,355

AWAKEN is an electronic On-Board Diagnostic device which syncs with your phone. I think the most fascinating part of this product has to be it’s unexpected and unorthodox field test: In a strange twist of irony, the two co-founders of the project were in an accident while driving to a crash test simulator, making them the first people to be saved by the unit. The car was written off and they escaped with some stitches and their campaign on Kickstarter reached $15,355 in pledges.


  • Anti Theft Vehicle Tracking
  • Collision Detection
  • Emergency Service Notification
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • History Reports
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Motion Detection
  • Navigation
  • Nearby Mechanic Finder
  • OBD Adapter
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Favorite Feature:

Our favorite feature is probably the collision detection. The unit has a built-in accelerometer which it will use to measure the intensity of an impact if an accident occurs before sending an automated message to emergency services.


Funded in: November 2015
Funding Goal: $50,000
Funding Achieved: $90,514

The VOYO is marketed as the world’s most advanced, aftermarket connected car system. Depending on your vehicle, VOYO uses a mixture of On-Board Diagnostic controllers and relays to control the vehicles security and fuel economy features, on top of the diagnostic program. You can also track multiple vehicles and see them all on one screen with the VOYO dashboard, making it great for company cars and vehicle rental companies.


  • EcoStart Gamification
  • Driving Logs
  • Crowdsourced Alert Network
  • Social Sharing
  • Speed Alerts
  • OBD Adapter
  • Optional Relay Adapters
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Remote Door Control
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Favorite Feature:

Our favourite feature of the VOYO has to be the ability to crowdsource alerts. The map on the smartphone app will display alerts flagged by either you or other users to remind you of road hazards and issues, like potholes and roadworks.


Funded in: December 2015
Funding Goal: $30,000
Funding Achieved: $35,283

The CarDroid, developed by Canadian company UonMap, is a reactive emergency system that records your driving in real time and pushes notifications when an accident or impact occurs. This means that your family can be notified if the worst happens to you and provides them with the data needed to ensure the emergency services can get to you quickly and efficiently.


  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Car Accident Notification
  • GPS Positioning
  • Wifi Positioning
  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Motion Detection
  • OBD Adapter
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Favorite Feature:

We think that the accident notification is a pretty great direction to take a product like this. Empowering the people who care about you to take action and provide them with the location, street view, crash data etc makes complete sense. You can see it all on one screen in a browser which makes acting quickly super simple. The CarDroid campaign finished in December 2015 and has since branched into multiple product models: uTrace, uDrive, and uWatch.


Funded in: November 2013
Funding Goal: $60,000
Funding Achieved: $79,024

Fuse was a big hit in 2013 and it’s easy to see why. This kickstarter was one of the earliest and uses a combination of an OBD adapter, a mobile application and a personal cloud build to intelligently gauge your car’s health, your driving habits and help improve both. With features like speed notifications, fuel cost management, and trip expenditure tracking, the Fuse was a huge success.


  • Navigation
  • Trip Tracking
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Speedometer
  • Fuel Management
  • Car Tracker

Favorite Feature:

The ability to track and classify trips that you regularly take is a great feature, especially considering in continually refactors its suggestions to improve your driving efficiency. The app even syncs with your contacts for those routes, automatically notifying them when you set off and when you’re close to arrival.


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