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Can Hybrid Cars Be Recycled?

In recent years, the popularity of electric and hybrid cars has increased, with more motorists than ever before opting to drive environmentally friendly, emission-free cars.

A hybrid car is one that’s powered by both a traditional petrol or diesel combustion engine and electric motor run by a battery. There are several forms of hybrids, each of which generates or draws on electricity in different ways, but all hybrid cars can run on both fuel and electricity and can switch between the two.

The idea behind hybrid is to offer the sustainable and environmentally friendly benefits of electric driving, alongside the flexibility and reliability of a conventional car.

Thanks to advances in hybrid technology, they are now very much part of today’s vehicle market. Many mainstream car manufacturers have hybrid models in their portfolios, including Toyota, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes.

Can you recycle a hybrid car?

Modern electric and hybrid cars use different variations of lithium-ion batteries and nickel metal hydride batteries, which can last as long as 10 years.

But the good news is that these hybrid car batteries can be recycled when hybrid cars are scrapped. In fact, over 90 percent of lithium-ion batteries can be recovered and nickel metal hydride batteries can be completely recycled and dismantled.

What happens to the batteries in hybrid cars?

As demand for hybrid and electric cars continues to grow, scrappage companies are looking for ways to manage and recycle batteries in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

As it stands, lithium-ion batteries are covered by the Battery Directive, which states that at least 50 percent of the battery in its entirety must be recycled. Thankfully, this is more than possible, as we mentioned above. Battery packs can be dismantled manually and the plastics and wiring that cushion the cell can be recycled along with other similar plastics.

What does the future of hybrid car batteries look like?

As hybrid and electric cars continue to increase in popularity, it is hoped that the automotive industry will start to steer away from lithium batteries in favour of sodium-ion batteries, which are cheaper, more abundant, and offer the same performance. This type of hybrid and electric battery can also be recycled more easily.

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