Plastic Bottle Recycling News

Plastic Bottle Recycling News

Scrap Car Comparison believes in a greener future, we attempt to raise the awareness and importance of recycling. The list of items which can be recycled can be extensive, but not everyone has enough knowledge about how to properly recycle materials and how to dispose of it properly. We want to use our blog to help our customers find the best Companies to scrap their cars, but also aid peoples understanding of how to recycle as a whole and do it properly.

I want to talk about the plastics 2020 challenge, do you know how many millions of tonnes of plastic is thrown away every year? Do you know that 1 recycled plastic bottle can save enough energy to power a 60-watt bulb for 3 minutes? However, only 25% of plastic bottles actually get recycled. The good news is we are recycling over 20 times more plastic bottles than we did 50 years ago. In 2009 the plastics industry has pledged to step up its recycling efforts and aim to double recycling by the end of year 2020. At present most of our plastics end up in landfills which isn’t good for both the economy and most importantly our environment.

There are now more opportunities to recycle plastic and we should all do our bit, knowledge on how best to carry out recycling procedures can be seen on the video. In it John Taylor explains the various plastics that can and cannot be recycled. Most people lack the know how to scrap their plastics properly; the video goes into it a little more deeply so we can have no excuse to do our own personal bit for the environment.

Scrap Car Comparison is the pioneers in the recycling industry we want people to make informed decisions when deciding to scrap, we also want to provide everyone with the latest and most accurate figures so they make informed decisions. If you have any questions relating to the recycling industry please leave a comment and we will try our best to get back to you, thanks for read this blog.


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