How To Find Reputable Buyers For Your Scrap Car

How To Find Reputable Buyers For Your Scrap Car

So you want to scrap your car, but you are unsure of the legal procedures and just want to ensure that no fines are sent to you after doing so?

When scrapping your car you will need to find a reputable scrapyard or ATF (authorised treatment facility) that is licensed by the environment agency to collect your vehicle. ScrapCarComparison has already done this for you, so if you are using us you do not need to worry about this.

As of the 1st October 2013 cash payments for scrap vehicles were made illegal, so no reputable scrapyard or collector will pay you in cash and will normally debit your account via electronic bank transfer or alternatively issue you with a business cheque.

You will not find reputable buyers trying to re-negotiate prices on collection.

For more information please see our Approved Buyers page.

Once You Have FoundĀ  A Reputable Buyer

The only legal document you, as the seller of the vehicle, will need to worry about is to ensure that section 9 of the V5C is completed and sent to the DVLA. This will ensure that you will not be fined by the DVLA if your car is used for any sort of illegal activity in the future. When you scrap your car through ScrapCarComparison this is all done for you by the driver on collection so you will not need to worry about this either.

Many websites and scrapyards also state the misleading information that a certificate of destruction is required to ensure you are not fined at a later date. Unfortunately this is a misconception caused by confusion in the industry. You can read more about this in our Certificate of Destruction (CoD) article.

Summary – How Do I Know I Am Using A Reputable Buyer?

– Reputable buyers are licensed by the environment agency.

– Reputable buyers do NOT make payment via cash.

– Reputable buyers do NOT re-negotiate prices on collection.

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