Kickstarter For Cars: Car Gadget Kickstarters

In our series on car Kickstarter* campaigns we’ll show you some of the projects that have been either funded by the public or are looking for the funding to shape the future of driving. In our second blog, we look help you to take a look under the hood with some car gadget kickstarters!

*If you’re not sure what Kickstarter is or you want to know how it works, head over to the Kickstarter Basics page to find out more.

The Car Gadget Kickstarter Campaigns

Car Gadget Kickstarters

TrapTap | Car Gadget Kickstarter Funded in May 2016


The TrapTap is a great little gadget, providing you with the knowledge to avoid fines and stay safe on the road. Using detailed mapping and crowdsourced alerts, the device warns you of speed traps, red-light cameras, school crossing, etc to help you be aware of what is around you.

It’s portable, simple to use, and keeps you informed in a distraction free way. The unit also comes pre-mapped for over 60 countries, including the UK.

The TrapTap campaign finished in May 2016 at $361,460, attaining 439% of its initial $85,000 funding goal.

Funding Goal:


Funding Achieved:



  • Wireless
  • Crowdsourced Alerts
  • Speed Alerts
  • Phone App/Sync

Favorite Feature:

It’s portability makes the whole thing retain it’s value. The video says itself, hardwired GPS units that have the same function can’t be passed from car to car. The idea of keeping it in your pocket makes it great for people in the motor trade or homes with multiple vehicles.

Check out the the TrapTap Kickstarter Page to find out more. You can purchase a TrapTap device from their Indiegogo page from £84.

GoFar | Car Gadget Kickstarter Funded in June 2015


GoFar is a dashboard gadget that can help improve the way that you drive. You plug in the electronic OBD (On-Board Diagonistic), mount the display on your dashboard, pair the app to your unit and you’re away.

The system will use your vehicles diagnostics system to find the driving ‘sweet spot’ for your car. The dashboard unit then changes color to indicate when you are reaching the cars most economic point, helping you to save fuel and reduce emissions. The app lets you monitor your driving history and work out what driving style is best for your vehicle.

The project was a big hit back in June 2015, raising $160,150 in funds. That’s over three times the amount of its $50,000 pledge.


Funding Goal:


Funding Achieved:



  • Dashboard Display
  • Trip Logger
  • Driving Trend Insights
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • History Reports
  • Emissions Reports
  • ODB Adapter
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Vehicle Diagnostics

Favorite Feature:

Our favorite feature is the dashboard mount. Thanks to the systems algorithm for working out the sweet spot, you can need visualise the finacial savings in a distraction free way. We all know that we can get better MPG out of our cars but aren’t sure when we are accomplishing it. With GoFar, you can see where you are getting the most for your money.

Head over to the GoFar Kickstarter Page to check out it’s success story, including its awards and milestones. You can buy the GoFar system on their website for £106.

AutoPreme | Car Gadget Kickstarter Currently Seeking Funding (Finishing on July 3rd 2016)


AutoPreme is promising to be the next generation of vehicle mat, providing luxury and functional that are perfectly shaped to your vehicle.

They offer easy to clean and scratch resistant artificial leather mats with features like heel grips, anti-slip bases, locking mechanisms, and more. They can be installed in less then 10 minutes and come in a whole bunch of different colors too.

AutoPreme are currently looking for backers, with their campaign set to finish at 2:59 GMT on Sunday July 3rd. They have already exceeded their pledge of $50,000, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive your if you donate. Head over to their kickstarter page to get involved. You can pick up your next vehicle mat from £138.

Funding Goal:


Funding Achieved:



  • Multiple Colors
  • Diamond Stitching
  • Artificial Leather
  • Anti-Slip Spikes
  • Easy Wipe, Waterproof Material
  • Heel Grip
  • Locking Mechanism
  • 10 Minute Installation


BlueJay | Car Gadget Kickstarter Funded in March 2016


Bluejay was introduced as the worlds first smart mount when it successfully raised $137,865 in March 2016.

Made of aluminum and carbon fiber, the Bluejay smart mount serves as a phone-safe magnetic holder that can be mounted to your dash via adhesive pads, suction cups, or vent clips.

It pairs with a easy to use phone app creates a simplified display, that allows you to forward your location, GPS navigation, and stream your music. It also helps you locate your car via your phone (and vice versa).

Funding Goal:


Funding Achieved:



  • Phone-Safe Magnetic Surface
  • Multiple Mount Options
  • Phone App/Sync
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS Navigation
  • GPS Car Finder
  • Hands Free Functionality 
  • Optional Customisation

Favorite Feature:

The simplicity of this mount is surprising, considering all of it’s features. It’s compact but full featured design is refreshing in that it’s a simple an elegant solution to many problems, tying what could end up being 3 or 4 different devices into one streamlined unit. It’s easy to use and it makes sense!

Take a look at their recent success on the Bluejay Kickstarter Page to find out more! You can order a Bluejay on their website for £63 upwards.

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