Scrap Car Comparison Approved Buyers

At Scrap Car Comparison we are well aware that finding a suitable buyer when scrapping or selling your car can be a bit of a minefield. Customers are often happy with the price they are offered but are sometimes concerned as to whether a buyer is reputable and reliable.

As a result we have made sure that all of our collectors qualify to our high standards of customer service, approved payment methods and appropriate collection times. Don’t take a risk when selling or scrapping your vehicle, look for the ‘Trusted Buyer’ or ‘Certified Buyer’ stamp of approval and be safe in the knowledge you are dealing with a reputable company.

We have two levels of buyer and will not work with any companies who do not pass all of the requirements below:

Trusted Buyer:

  • Company background check is carried out. This looks into how long the company has been trading, the systems in place for dealing with collections and takes into account any trade references available.
  • A questionnaire is completed on company activities and services provided.
  • Payment methods, collection times, site address and points of contact taken and verified.
  • If the buyer is an ATF (authorised treatment facility) their registered number is recorded and checked along with their Waste Carriers and Scrap metal dealers licence.
  • SCC has created an information sheet on each buyer, detailing contact information, their address and some history on their operation.

Certified buyer:

These are our highest regarded collectors. These buyers have ALL of the benefits of a trusted buyer and the following:

  • They have received at least 95% positive feedback from a minimum of 50 customers. Any negative feedback has been followed up and action has been taken to prevent reoccurrence.
  • A Scrap Car Comparison representative has visited their site in person and met with the transport manager to ensure correct customer contact and payment practices are in place.
  • SCC has monitored their collections for a minimum of six months and ensured that customer contact response times our within SCC targets.
  • A legal contract has been drawn up and signed confirming that they will keep to SCC high standards of customer service and collection requirements.

SCC car buyer network

At Scrap Car Comparison our aim is not just to find our customers the highest price for their vehicle but also to put them in touch with a collector who can offer the best service all round. Unfortunately the scrap and salvage vehicle industry is still plagued with buyers who provide unacceptably low levels of customer service and sometimes even fall short on payments or completion of the relevant paperwork on collection. This can leave customers out of pocket and still liable for the vehicle after the date of transfer.

In order to help our customers select a suitable buyer we make sure every company qualifies fully before adding them to our network. We then monitor their progress and check customer feedback on the service they provide. If a buyer fails to collect vehicles in a timely manner or receives negative feedback from our customers then we follow up the issues and take immediate action. Should these problems persist, the buyer is removed from our network completely.